Instabilelab is a laboratory of professionals with a background developed in the world of interior design and graphics, which offers solutions able to satisfy every stylistic need, customizable and adaptable to any environment, internal or external.


Our team was born in 2015 and since then has grown, evolved and challenged, embarking on a path that sees us in constant motion.


Our collections are the result of a personal interpretation of a classic product, which mixes up ideas and styles, creating original, seductive and unique aesthetic-conceptual combinations. To give more value to your spaces.


Since 2015 we have created catalogs born from the desire to always give more and to improve ourselves, to amaze and to leave a mark. We have carried out every work with determination, seeking innovation and change to offer surprising and high quality products.


Hotels, restaurants, clubs, private or public offices, medical offices, whatever your activity, Instabilelab responds to every request. Hall, hotel rooms, bathrooms, spas, outdoor areas, thanks to the multiple finishes in the collection suitable for both interior and exterior coverings, you can make your business unique and customized.


All graphics can be customized by creating unique designs upon customer request.


Instabilelab has also introduced some materials particularly suitable for this specific sector: Acoustics, which thanks to the particular alveolar veil reduces glare and the echo effect, improving the acoustic quality of the environment.

FibraTex suitable for damp and outdoor environments (bathrooms, spas, building facades).