We consider MILAN's design department to be the heart of our company, as it is there where the know-how that has been built up over more than 45 years of business is used to avoid potential quality and production problems for each model.


At the same time, it constantly seeks to improve the our brand's product portfolio to make easier our clients and distributors' task of adapting and updating models in keeping with changing market trends.


For years the quality of our products has set us apart from other lighting brands. Our production processes undergo stringent testing to conform to quality standards. As regards logistics, we have a goal, which is to provide our customers with the best service quickly and in an organised manner.


We have a warehouse organized with the EAN coding system (which is also employed in our other production warehouses) where we keep a large number of each of the models appearing in the catalogue Ð production being based on computer forecasts Ð in order to be able to respond immediately, whatever our clients' needs may be.


Using this system our average delivery time is 4.5 days in the Spanish Market, and 7 in the rest of Europe.


We have a system comprising 16 Internal Procedures and 8 Technical Instructions which enables us to detect any drop in the high standards of Quality that we set for our products. The entire lamp assembly process is carried out on our premises Ð going against the current trend of outsourcing Ð so that we can control every last detail of all the components that are involved.